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Euro Heli Series in Belgium


F3C World Cup 2016

The Little Wings Heldergem/Haaltert is happy to announce it will be hosting an World Cup event as part of the Euro Heli Series. This event is FAI registered and supported by the Belgische Modelluchtvaart Liga. This will take place over the weekend of 2nd/3th of July 2016.

We invite all F3C pilots to join the Belgian F3C Euro Heli Series 2016 in Heldergem.

How to find Heldergem:

The field is situated near the N460 Aalst/Geraardsbergen and its address is:

Kambaan, Heldergem

DGL Coordinates: 50° 51' 45 N en 03° 57' 10 E

Google Coordinates: 50° 51' 58 N en 03° 56' 48 E

Practice Field: Not available
Local Website:

Number of flights:

Up to 15 registered pilots – We plan to perform 3 “P” flights and 2 “F” flights.

Over 15 registered pilots – All pilots perform 3 ”P” flights with the Top 10 pilots performing 2 ”F” flights. (max. 25 pilots)

Subject to time constraints and number of entrants, there may be the opportunity to fly an additional round of “P” schedule or if pilots wish to attempt the “F” schedule. This can be decided at the pilots briefing and once we have an accurate weather forecast for the weekend.

Flight Order:

Randomly selected by the computer prior to the start of the competition.

Calibration Flights:

Calibration flight for “P” program will be performed randomly by one of the pilots present during the competition, same procedure is for the calibration flight for “F” program.

-Friday 1 July:
free practice from 14:00 – 18:30 h -Saturday 2 July (subject to changes) briefing at 8:30 h
competition 9:00-18:00 h
Sunday 3 July (subject to changes) competition 8:30-13:30 h
awards ceremony 13:30 h


This is an FAI F3C World Cup Open event and all F3C/FAI registered pilots are invited to attend.

Competition rules:

In accordance with the FAI sporting code (including ranking), Section 4, 2016 Edition as well as all applicable amendments.


All complaints must be presented in writing to the Contest Director at the competition site and must be accompanied by a deposit of € 35. The deposit will only be returned if the complaint is upheld.


In case of a competitor has to take any of the substances listed on the WADA prohibited list for medical treatment then he must have a Therapeutic Use Exemption from the FAI.


A Diploma will be awarded to all competitors.

Official language:

Official language will be Dutch and English.

Entry fee: €80 Pilots registration:

The maximum number of pilots will be 25. Registration will be confirmed once a registration form and entry fee have been received. Registration will be open from receipt of this bulletin until 19th June 2016.


Bank transfer info will be provided upon registration in a personal e-mail, an acknowledgement of your registration will then be sent to you confirming your place reserved.

Frequency: 2.4GHz only


Giovanni Lo Furno (B) Andre Bourlier (B)

Judge number 4 & 5 TBN depending on the number of entrants.

Competition Director: TBN
Organiser: Guy Vanderschelden Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Food and drinks:

During the whole competition there will be food/sandwiches and soft drinks/coffee available at the field against club rates.


Saturday evening we are planning a BBQ at the field where the competition is located, if there is enough interest for this. Costs for the BBQ will be around € 15 to € 20 per person and once we know how many will attend the BBQ we will inform you the final cost at the competitions briefing.


B&B in Haaltert: 6 persons & 1 bathroom, additional double room with bathroom included. 5km from the field.

Or B&B: 8km of the field. 5 double rooms.

Or B&B: 2km from the field. 2 double rooms.

Or by

- There is the possibility to camp with tent, caravan or camper at the competition field FREE of charge, electricity is available.

Electricity for charging:

There is electricity at the flying field for charging your lipo’s.













Guy Vanderschelden                               TEL: 053 67 07 26
St Gabrielstraat 61                              GSM: 0473 56 90 77
1770 Liedekerke